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MyCabinet Web App

The best way to get content into MyCabinet.

The Full-featured Web App is the best way to get content into MyCabinet™. See note below.

Add Content to MyCabinet Quickly and Easily

You can drag ‘n’ drop files from your computer straight into your account. You can create new drawers and folders on the web to help you organize your new content, and you can customize the thumbnails for each file. As soon as you add files to the Web App, they will be synced and available on your iPad or iPhone.

Add, Organize and Manage all of your Files with MyCabinet's Simple, Visual interface.

You can also download files from your MyCabinet account to your MAC or PC. Adding files to MyCabinet is so easy that your files will now be with you whenever or wherever you need them.

One-of-a-kind Syncing Service

On the web, you have access to your MyCabinet account where you can download content or add new content. This easy-to-use File Uploader is unrivaled in today’s market. Not only can you dump lots of content into your Virtual File Cabinet, you can view it in the same visual organization system that exists on your mobile app. With the Web App, you truly have access to your files no matter where you are, even if you don’t have your iPad or iPhone—just sign in on the website from any computer and you are good to go!

 The Web App is available with MyCabinet Everywhere™. For more information, visit our pricing page. You can purchase the MyCabinet Everywhere™ service as an in-app purchase from Apple (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or Google (Android) for $4.99 per month (non-recurring) and $29.99 per year (non-recurring), or you can log in to the MyCabinet Web app and purchase directly from us for $19.99 per year (over 30% off, recurring).