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MyCabinet™ for iOS

Your MyCabinet files are always available on the go. And its Free!

MyCabinet™ is a free app for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Store all your documents in MyCabinet so your files are always available on the go.

All Your Files Wherever You Are

Finally, a filing system that works. You’ll love this easy-to-use digital organization system on your iPad or iPhone. Plus, your files are available no matter where you are.

Add, Organize and Manage all of your Files with MyCabinet's Simple, Visual interface.

Don’t worry about emailing yourself the files you’ll be needing each day. Add your documents to MyCabinet to have access anytime to the files that make you successful and productive. Sync your files between your computer and your iPad or iPhone so you never wonder where you saved a document again. Your documents are also backed up on our servers, so you know your files are secure. See note below.

MyCabinet for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch is Free!

A Slick, Simple Way to Organize Your Files

MyCabinet™ is a visual filing system. Instead of searching through endless lists of documents and pictures, you can customize an icon for each file in MyCabinet. It’s intuitive: create drawers for each of your projects, and within those drawers, you can add folders to further categorize items. Then, you can personalize each folder or document with an image to make it easy to identify.

As you are searching through MyCabinet, you can easily find the file you need because it is distinguished from the others by the image you selected. You can use default images or select an image from your photo gallery on your iPad or iPhone. Rather than scrolling through endless file names in a list view, you have a visual system that is fun and personalized.

MyCabinet for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch is Free!

 Syncing and backing up files require a MyCabinet Everywhere™ subscription. For more information, visit our pricing page. You can purchase the MyCabinet Everywhere™ service as an in-app purchase from Apple for $4.99 per month (non-recurring) and $29.99 per year (non-recurring), or you can log in to the MyCabinet Web app and purchase directly from us for $19.99 per year (over 30% off, recurring).